Viewpoint works with stores and malls across America. We are familiar with the security challenges faced by retailers of all sizes. Loss prevention is key, with around 70% of theft being internal. But there are many more related challenges that face retailers across North America today.

Are employees on-time, in uniform and ready to do their jobs? Are your customers being greeted and treated correctly? Are the correct after-hour protocols for closing being adhered to? What is the cause of false alarms? Are your employees safe when handling cash registers or opening and closing the store? Are you monitoring backdoor deliveries and trash disposals?

Does all this sound familiar? These are just a few of the challenges that Viewpoint are familiar with and resolve effectively with real-time monitoring 24/7/365. We work with our clients to understand their challenges, as no two situations are identical and consequently, there’s no one-solution-fits-all. Everything we do is customizable. We can work with existing CCTV camera systems, making them smarter and more efficient with our state-of-the-art software analytics. Or we can work with you to install a custom designed system that meets your needs. Viewpoint’s systems and analytics, combined with our monitoring agents provide a zero tolerance solution that stops unwanted activity, in many cases, before it happens.

How can Viewpoint stop unwanted activity before it happens? Our video-voice technology allows our monitoring agents to speak directly to anyone present. This makes it possible for us to address any type of unwanted activity in real time.

With Viewpoint’s Leasing Program, it’s also cost effective, allowing you to purchase the system that you NEED, not just the system you can AFFORD. It also means that your new system is future proof as not only is maintenance included, but when your lease is renewed Viewpoint will upgrade your system at no extra cost. Not only will you realize tangible ROI but you’ll benefit from a zero tolerance security system that not only prevents crime but helps the efficient running of your retail business.

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