We have many years of experience providing security solutions for construction sites. We fully understand the security challenges.

We protect construction equipment and materials from theft and vandalism and can provide perfect perimeter protection, ensuring that any breaches are stopped before they ever happen. Additionally, we can help ensure on-site staff safety and adherence to all regulations.

Viewpoint’s monitoring services provide a wide array of security solutions. But no two solutions are the same. Viewpoint first undertakes a security survey of the construction site to understand the challenges and potential trouble spots. A custom designed system can then be deployed and monitored 24/7/365.

Our analytic software creates perfect perimeter protection and this, in combination with our highly trained monitoring agents conducting thorough patrols, provides seamless security. Agents can also respond to any area of a site in a matter of seconds using ‘Voicedown’ capabilities.

For remote sites, Viewpoint’s M-RAC™ (Mobile Remote Application with Cellular) can quickly and easily secure any challenging or hard-to-get-to location. With two different models to choose from (Mobile Tower Unit or Box Unit), our M-RAC™ is a customizable, rapidly deployable security solution designed to be installed and remotely monitored from virtually anywhere. Once hooked up to a power source, the M-RAC™ will link back to our monitoring command center, and it can then be configured and put into service almost immediately.

While Viewpoint can work with your existing camera system, we also specialize in the design and deployment of robust, cutting edge CCTV systems that take advantage of the latest technologies in IP cameras, license plate readers, smart analytics, megapixel technology and infrared cameras.  With a sophisticated network of installers, Viewpoint can create turn-key solutions to work with any budget. Typically, our customers realize R.O.I in less than 24 months, helping them to achieve zero tolerance security at a fraction of the costs associated with traditional security guards.


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