In vertical market sectors such as Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities, facilities are often in remote areas. These areas that can be difficult protect. For many companies Viewpoint is the answer to this challenge. We have numerous case studies showing how we have reduced unwanted activity at remote facilities, while helping our clients save thousands in operating costs.

Often the challenge with remote locations is that even in a best-case scenario, a response by police could take upwards of an hour, or even longer, simply due to the difficulty of access.

Viewpoint works with a client to understand their security challenges and then custom designs and deploys a state-of-the-art security system. Video-voice technology allows us to respond to and stop security breaches before they even occur. Using state-of-the-art video analytics and zero-tolerance perimeter protection strategies, Viewpoint can monitor activity at the remote facility and engage any intruders.

While Viewpoint can work with your existing camera system, we also specialize in the design and deployment of robust, cutting edge CCTV systems that take advantage of the latest technologies in IP cameras, license plate readers, smart analytics, megapixel technology and infrared cameras.  With a sophisticated network of installers, Viewpoint can create turn-key solutions to work with any budget. Typically, our customers realize R.O.I in less than 24 months.

“At the sites where we have utilized Viewpoint’s services we have seen theft reductions between 85-100%… at the same time saving hundreds of thousands of dollars”.

Dana Adams | Director of Security Services, TELUS International



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