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CCTV footage proves critical in nabbing computer thieves

Once in a while, even if you’ve got extensive security measures in place, thieves find a way. Such was the case recently a monitored residential property located in the Southeast US. During daylight hours on a Saturday a couple of weeks back, they had several computers stolen from a lounge area. With no cameras in... MORE>

How to Prevent Employee Theft in a Retail Setting

Retail shrinkage season is almost here — are you prepared? According to a FORTUNE article published earlier this year, the four months from October to January represent a disproportionate amount of shrinkage (loss of inventory) for retail stores. The same article reports that in the U.S., employee theft accounts for a full 43 percent of... MORE>

Does My Property Need Thermal Cameras?

Most people would agree that thermal video is a fun tool to have: But do you really need it? Unlike video-voice technology, which anyone can benefit greatly from, thermal video provides more value to some businesses than others. At Viewpoint, when discussing this with a client, we consider all aspects of the client’s business, including... MORE>

Protecting Your Brand

In the previous blog post regarding copper theft, we pointed out that breaches in security could irrevocably damage a company’s brand. At Viewpoint, we understand brand protection. Security professionals may face lots of challenges related to the loss of assets, but the ramifications of a damaged brand are often far more severe. Our experience has... MORE>

We’re Turning 10 … or 42 in Command Center Years

In his best-selling book Outliers, author and renowned thought leader Malcolm Gladwell coined the concept of the 10,000 hour rule, which asserts that achieving true world-class expertise in any area requires 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. According to the book, the rule has been uncannily accurate in predicting the success of professionals as diverse as... MORE>

Was that a squirrel or the cast of “Ocean’s Eleven”?

A few years ago, the Viewpoint team met with a new client who was facing an expensive problem: its security system, an electric fence (the kind that, when touched, doesn’t give you a shock, but does give the police a call), was crying wolf to the dispatch station multiple times a week. Each time, the... MORE>

Better together: Why a security guard’s best partner is monitored CCTV

EYES IN THE SKY, BOOTS ON THE GROUND SM A question was first raised when remote video monitoring became a viable and more commonly used security solution around a decade ago: Does a monitored CCTV system offer superior effectiveness when compared with using on-site security officers? Initially, this was more of an “either/or” situation, as... MORE>

Monitored CCTV Gives Your Business Santa Vision

It’s Christmas morning. Your family is gathered in the family room to exchange presents, but you are fixated on the 25 people coming to dinner in eight hours. Suddenly the Christmas tree goes dark. The power is out, and news reports say it will be days before it’s back on. All the food, all that... MORE>