Video Verification – or the visual affirmation of the cause of an alarm or threat – is an important part of what we do for our clients. There are many situations in which alarms can be triggered accidentally – for example, when staff are working late or arriving early, when maintenance crews show up overnight to clean an office building, or when environmental factors such as weather and animals trigger “false positive” alarms.

Traditional burglar alarm systems often trigger law enforcement dispatches. But false alarms can result in fines for businesses that utilize less advanced security systems that simply send signals with no verification of the cause. Viewpoint is the answer to this problem.

Viewpoint receives alarms in our command center accompanied by a video clip showing the apparent cause or trigger. This allows highly trained monitoring agents to determine whether the threat is real, and needs an immediate response, or if there is no true threat present at all. As a result, when police are dispatched, they know that they’re responding to an actual intrusion or criminal act in progress. This results in more efficient police response, and in many cases our clients have saved tens of thousands in municipal fees for responding to false alarms.

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