A large energy production company was faced with growing security issues commonly associated with remote well sites. These issues included theft, vandalism and environmental damage at production and storage locations.


The company had experienced an incident in which a vandal opened a valve and left the site, resulting in thousands of gallons of oil spilling out. Cleanup was staggeringly costly. Traditional security strategies such as fencing and on-site guards were not viable, due to the incredibly remote and isolated location.


Viewpoint conducted a complete site survey and put together a custom-built solution. The system featured solar power with a five-day backup power supply, cellular Internet, full audio and an intelligently designed camera layout covering the entire site perimeter. In this case, detection was not enough, due to the isolated nature of the property, so the system needed to provide Viewpoint with the capability to intervene and stop intrusions from ever happening. Powerful audio technology was added so Viewpoint was able to achieve that goal.


Viewpoint was able to provide an effective security solution at a fraction of the cost normally associated with traditional security guards. Through the implementation of a video-voice system, Viewpoint was able to eliminate unwanted activity at the site. Added benefits from the utilization of Viewpoint services – specifically, remote project management, along with the drastic reduction of liability related issues – were also realized by the client.

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