A global leader in the telecommunications industry needed to protect valuable assets and business critical materials at compounds in isolated areas.


Security in those isolated areas was proving to be a major challenge. Despite spending hundreds of thousands per year on guards, the client had experienced more than 100 break-ins between 2008 and 2011. The thefts resulted in the loss of cable reels and fiber optics bonding tools. In addition, many vehicles at the compounds had been vandalized. The problem was serious. In addition to the physical losses of tools and materials, the client’s reputation was constantly harmed by prolonged TV, internet, and cellular outages for tens of thousands of customers. This proved to be far more damaging than the actual thefts.


Viewpoint began monitoring existing CCTV systems at two of the hardest-hit locations.


In the first year, one site experienced an 85% reduction in incidents, while at the other site, there was a total, elimination of theft and vandalism. Multiple arrests were made – in each case local police were dispatched with full descriptions of the suspects, their locations, direction of travel and vehicle information. The company was commended by local law enforcement for the effectiveness of its security system, and saved over $100,000 per year, per site, in guard costs alone. The elimination of break-ins resulted in better, uninterrupted service provided to the client’s customers, and through these efforts they were able to better protect their reputation and their brand.

Since that trial with the first two sites, Viewpoint now monitors all of the client’s critical locations. New systems have been installed at several stations. The company – and their customers – continue to enjoy heightened security and the flawless delivery of services.

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