A large construction company was faced with several security issues, such as trespassing, theft, and vandalism. The company utilized security guards, but the size of various sites made this an ineffective strategy, as many locations had large perimeters and multiple acres of land to cover. Additionally, since these were all active jobsites, there were safety concerns associated with the guards conducting rounds and potentially walking through hazardous areas.


Viewpoint conducted a complete site survey and concluded that a portable solution was the best viable option. With the use of video analytics, coupled with voicedown technology, Viewpoint was able to provide complete perimeter security for the entire site. Viewpoint utilized a unique temporary, mobile CCTV system that could be deployed quickly at several different jobsites.


Viewpoint was able to provide complete jobsite security at a fraction of the cost normally associated with traditional security guards, with an immediate ROI. Added benefits from the utilization of Viewpoint’s services were also realized by the construction company, such as remote project management, and complete jobsite forensics to aide in the reduction of liability related issues. All rolled into one affordable monthly fee.

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