A company with 150 auto storage yards in the U.S. was seeking effective, cost-efficient security services for their highest-risk sites.


The client was dealing with multiple robberies each month at some of its most exposed locations. Thieves were breaking into yards undetected and stealing parts, tires and rims, and high-value items such as catalytic converters. The client hired traditional security guards to address the thefts, but the associated costs were extremely high, and the guards were largely ineffective due to the size of the property.


Beginning with a few “test sites,” state-of-the-art motion detection camera systems with infrared emitters were designed and installed. Viewpoint began monitoring cameras at these locations.


The test sites saw an immediate reduction in the number of theft attempts, and several arrests were made as a direct result of responses by Viewpoint. It was not long before these locations’ camera systems became an extremely valuable deterrent, as word traveled quickly through “theft rings” that the yards were now monitored. In addition to drastically cutting their operational costs and losses from theft incidents, location managers also soon realized that monitoring was a much more effective means of securing their sites.

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